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For All Your Home Maintenance & Repair

We know that maintaining and repairing your home is never easy. That’s why our team of professional and dependable handyman are here to help. Based in Modesto, California, our team can offer you a variety of services ranging from carpentry to appliance installation, and even interior and exterior painting. Feel free to call or email us to start your home improvement and repair journey!

Best Handyman Business in Modesto

Our company excels at any handyman services in the homes of many in Modesto, California. We offer a variety of top notch services that can range from carpentry, toilet and appliance repair/installation, plumbing, pressure washing, and even junk removal. We know that handyman services can be confusing and tough, so we offer flexible and customized services that enable you to reach out to us whenever you need our service. We are open to new businesses and would love to have a conversation with you. Feel free to reach out to us through our phone number or you can reach out to us through our contact form above.

We are your number one choice in the Modesto area for everything handyman related. If you are interested in a professional handyman that you can trust, contact us now! We are very reputable and well-known for our professional and quality services for our customers. Of course, we understand that it takes time to trust a company, and that’s why we will help you during every step of the process. We will walk you through from the beginning to talk about any handyman services of interest to providing you free quotes on handyman services to make sure that you are fully satisfied with your our service.

Our team of talented handymen will work together to ensure that our services will bring back the cleanness and freshness that your home once had. You can be assured that our handymen will provide you with the best handyman services in Modesto that will guarantee a smile and satisfaction!


Take a look at the many services we offer that fits your best needs to jumpstart your home improvement and repair

Carpentry Modesto

Carpentry work from our handyman can offer your home a distinct look through custom home décor items.

Choose from our wide range of carpentry service such as framing walls, installing cabinets, or building stairs.

Toilet Repair & Installation Modesto

If you have a toilet that lacks flushing power, clogs or leaks, our team will help you with repairing or replacing a toilet.

Our handymen will provide you with the best toilet repair service in Modesto. We will repair and install any type of toilets.

Appliance Installation Modesto

Our team of handymen will assist you in any home appliance installations such as TVs and light fixtures.

If you are struggling to install any appliances, whether it be small or major, we got your back.

Painting Service Modesto

Modesto Handyman Co can offer professional interior painting as well as all types of exterior painting from stucco, wood, and much more.

Painting, whether it be interior or exterior, can be extremely difficult. Reach out to us to get the service you need.


Fence Repair Modesto

Our handyman can assist you in any work that needs to be done on your fence.  

We will help with your broken or sagging fence that needs fixing, or discolored fence that needs staining. 

Plumbing Modesto

Modesto Handyman Co will handle all things plumbing such as repairs or installations of all types of plumbing systems such as garbage disposals, faucets, and valves.

Pressure Washing Modesto

Do you have any gunk on your sidewalk, driveways, or fence that won’t come with your regular washing regiment? If so, Modesto Handyman Co will help you out!

We will clean your house’s exterior with out pressure washer to brighten your fences and remove stains from your walkways or driveways

Junk Removal Modesto

Unused appliances, electronics, and furniture can take up a lot of home and garage spaces. If you’re looking to get rid of some of these items, our team of handymen can take care of it! 

Any junk that needs to be removed from your house, our team will take care of it to reclaim your home space!


See what some of our customers have said about our work!

"Had some short home repairs and was a delight to work with. I do not bother looking for other handymen. I will see you again soon!"
Cheryl Mason
"Had a great experience working with them! They did an excellent job installing our TV in the living room. They take pride in what they do and will work with them again."
Ethan Valdez
"Modesto Handyman did an excelent job with a number of our home improvements like fixing up our toilet and assemling furnitures... Highly recommend."
Adam Brooks