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Best 3 Home Improvement Ideas to Kick Start the New Year

It’s that time of year. When the temperature drops to unbearable lows (at least for us Californians) and the scent of pumpkin spice fills everywhere you go. It’s a beautiful signal that holidays and the new year are just around the corner. With it comes life-long memories with friends and families getting together at your home to start the year properly.

Before your friends or family members arrive, you might be looking at tidying up your home to impress them. Below, I’ve listed a few ways to do just that to make your home more attractive for the year.

1. Doorknob and Handle Fix/Upgrade

Every homeowner deals with the loose and outdated handles or doorknob at some point in their time with a home.

When upgrading doorknobs or handles, there are two ways to go about it. The first is by completely replacing your old, outdated doorknobs or handles with a more modern and contemporary look to enhance your home. The second is to just make the current system that is implemented to work.

To tighten and fix your doorknobs:

A typical handle used in most households have two screws on both sides of the interior handle. All you need to use is a Phillips head screwdriver with a narrow shaft to get the handle to tighten up. For the best and quickest result, go back and forth between each of the screws as you reinforce your handles.

For high-end handles:

Remove the current knob or handle by using an allen wrench to loosen the set screw that is usually located on the side of the door handle. Then, pull the door handle towards you to remove it. Once you have removed the handle, the escutcheon plate will need to be removed.

Modesto Handyman Craftsmen Tip: When removing the escutcheon plate with a flathead screwdriver, make sure to avoid scarring the back plate. 

You should see a set of screws after removing the base. What you should do then is to tighten each screw while carefully holding on to the backing plate that is on the outside.

The final step would be to put the handle and base back together while making sure that all your screws are tightly secured.

Following these steps to repair a new doorknob or handle can confuse many people. If that’s the case for you, do not worry. Our team at Modesto Handyman Co will assist you with any home appliance repairs, including handles and doorknobs. Use our contact form to get in touch with us.

Installing a new doorknobs and handles:

You may think that changing a doorknob or handle for your door will add absolutely nothing to your home’s aesthetics. However, these small modifications can make a massive difference as they are predominant features of your home. Handles and knobs are on display all of the time for your guests to see. That’s why when you upgrade them, you are upgrading a major asset of your home. Again, any inquiry you may have about repairing or installing a knob or handle, reach out to us to get more details on how we can help. 

2. A Bathroom Refresh

Bathrooms will definitely top your list as one of the most visited place during the Holiday season and the new year. Remodeling and redesigning the entire bathroom will take a ton of money, work, and time. A project that takes so much power can certainly make a dent to your life. So, instead of adding more stress to your life, we offer some quick ways to revitalize your bathroom that’ll impact your bathroom in a big way:

a. Updating the Sink

A bathroom sink can be regarded as one of the big three that can change the look of your bathroom. Therefore, if you have an old, outdated sink, it will ruin your bathroom’s look. You can apply some cosmetics to revive the shine that it once had. For example, if you have an aged ceramic sink with faded colors, call or contact us at Modesto Handyman Co to get a new, fresh bowl. To make the sink look even better, have us paint the vanity to a new shade of colors to create a elegant contrast to the room.

b. Utilizing Accent Tiles

Bathroom tiles are one of the main key variables on making a bathroom look exquisite. However, replacing your current tiles can take time and money. What you can do instead is use accent tiles to place over your sink or in the shower. Our team of skilled craftsmen will add your choice of accent tiles very efficiently to give your bathroom a new and improved look for the new year.

c. Adding New Fixtures

A great upgrade to your bathroom, though a seemingly a minute change, is adding new fixtures.

Adding a set of brand new lighting fixture to your bathroom will add a small detail that you will fall in love with every day. But lightning fixtures aren’t the only add-ons to your bathroom. Take a look at your towel bars, faucets, or other fixtures and see what you can upgrade to boost that bathroom look.

And if you want to turn your bathroom into a country club spa, then replace your showerhead with a modern spa head.

Again, these suggested changes may be subtle, but they make a big impact that can transform your room entirely.

3. Paint Wall or Room w/ Accent Color

One of the easiest way to create a noticeable flair and refined touch to your home is by using an accent color to paint your home walls or rooms. Utilizing a hint of color to some of your walls in your room creates a big impact that adds a simple but upgraded feel.

Unsure about what the best color is for your room? Benjamin Moore, the premier paint company, just released their Color Trends of 2022. The list is curated through an extensive market research that picks out the “what’s next” color. This year’s color trend was October Mist 1495. On their website, Benjamin Moore states that the October Mist 1495 “…makes room for creativity, evoking the silver-green stem of a flower. It creates a canvas for other colors–and your imagination—to blossom…”

On top of the Color of the Year, Benjamin Moore also selected a palette to go with its color of the year pick. 

Their 2022 palette that includes 14 hues, “…is a harmonious yet diverse, reliable yet whimsical, and meditative, yet eclectic. With its endless number of invigorating combinations, this palette provides effortless harmony for any paint project, and every design style.”

Modesto Handyman Craftsman Tip: There are a ton of options for bold color, however, if that makes you a little uncomfortable, use one of your walls to slightly adjust the hue.

When using a color on the same color wheel but with a slight change in shade, your brain will acknowledge the subtle depth in the room while your eyes won’t really notice the difference.

Once you have an idea of what your ideal color is for your walls, go test it out at your local retail stores. Reach out to them and they will give you the perfect selection based on your input, the room size, and room type. After you have everything settled out, it’s time to paint.

Not enough time during the holidays to paint the room yourself? If that’s the case for you, contact us today via phone or through our contact form. Our skilled handyman with excellent painting skills will complete your wall projects as quick as possible so that you can invite your company over in no time.

If you need other services done on your walls such as repair of trim or caulking, drywall patching, or nail holes, we can help you with those as well. These are important steps to get done before you start painting your walls, so if you need any of those services done before the paint job, reach out to us today!

Easy Upgrades

When you’re looking to renovate and refresh your home, don’t let the thought of it demoralize you. You are only a few upgrades away from achieving that ideal home look. If any of these upgrades are difficult to do, contact us immediately to get some assistance from our talented and professional group of handymen. Don’t wait and start upgrading your home for the new year!

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