Appliance Installation

Modesto Home Appliance Installation

Our team at Modesto Handyman Co knows that installing new home appliances to your specified area is a hard job.  These appliances have special, permanent connections gas supplies, electricity, and ventilation arrangements. That’s why we can help you speed up the installation process for any of your home appliances. We can offer to install numerous appliances in your home. One of the appliance categories that we can help install are major appliances. Major appliances, which are also known as large electric appliances are non-transportable machines that are used for daily housekeeping tasks that include cooking meals, washing laundry, or preserving foods.

Majority of major appliances uses special electrical links, such as to gas supplies, and/or unique plumbing and ventilation adaptions that are connected permanently to these major appliances. Most of these applications such as refrigerator and freezers, washing machine and dryers, and oven and stove tops are pre-installed with the reap estate. Home appliances that we can help install include refrigeration equipment such as refrigerators and freezers, heating and cooling equipment like air conditioners, and washing and drying equipment like drying cabinets and dishwashers. Whether you are looking to repair the current home appliances that you own, or are looking to replace your old appliances with current, energy efficient appliances of your choice, our handymen have you covered.

Major home appliances like we mentioned above aren’t the only appliances that are difficult to install in your home to connect to your existing systems. On top of major appliance installations, we also offer services to install lighting fixtures in your house. Types of lighting fixture installations that we offer include fixed lighting such as ceiling fan lighting and even outdoor lightning which include yard lights. If you are looking for any appliance installation or lighting fixture installation, reach out to have our handyman do it for you!

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If you have a toilet that lacks flushing power, clogs or leaks, our team will help you with repairing or replacing a toilet.

Our handymen will provide you with the best toilet repair service in Modesto. We will repair and install any type of toilets.

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Modesto Handyman Co can offer professional interior painting as well as all types of exterior painting from stucco, wood, and much more.

Painting, whether it be interior or exterior, can be extremely difficult. Reach out to us to get the service you need.


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Unused appliances, electronics, and furniture can take up a lot of home and garage spaces. If you’re looking to get rid of some of these items, our team of handymen can take care of it! 

Any junk that needs to be removed from your house, our team will take care of it to reclaim your home space!