Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Service in Modesto

The outside appearance of your home, cars, and fences should be just as important as your interior and systems. That is why Modesto Handyman Co offers your home a pressure washing surface to make the exterior of any of your property squeaky clean! Pressure washing , also known as power washing is when you utilize the high-pressure water spray to get rid of any gunk that may be difficult to remove with a regular water hose. These gunk can range from mud and dirt, chewing gum, chipped paint, gross mold and grime, dust from surfaces and personal items such as buildings, vehicles and any type of fences or walls. To get the best cleaning service with the pressure washing, Modesto handyman adjust the intensity of the washer. The volume of a pressure washer is indicated in either gallons or liters per minute, which are often baked into the pressure washer pump. The pressure of the machine, which is demonstrated in pounds per square inch, or pascals, is also built into the pump but can be easily adjusted through the unloader valve. These are the type of machines that our handyman team will use to ensure the best possible cleaning your home, car, fence, or wall can get.

Although some may confuse that pressure washing and power washing are completely separate washing tools, that is not the case. Pressure washing and power washing can be used interchangeably in different scenarios, and there are some debates as to whether pressure washing and power washing are two completely separate processes, independent from one another. For example, the method we often use which is a pressure washing surface cleaner is a tool that involves  two to four high-pressure jets that are placed on a rotating bar that spindles around when water is flowing. This movement of the water from the pressure surface cleaner creates a uniformed cleaning pattern that allows for a rapid, flat surface cleaning. On the other hand, the hydro-jet cleaning is a more powerful form of power washing compared to the pressure surface cleaner previously mentioned in that it is often used to remove gunk and debris in well armored surfaces such as tanks and lines.

Yes, we use pressure washing to clean the dirty debris off of your property. However, these amazing washing tools can also be employed to minimize allergies and dangers. Our main objective of using pressure washer for our customers is used to clean surfaces such as roofs, gutters, sidewalks, driveways, patios, decks, and parking lots. By using our service to clean these areas, not only will your property look aesthetically pleasing, but it will also avoid you and your family from avoiding any harm that may present themselves from gunk and debris build up.

Our Washing Service

The pressure washer that we implement for your service uses nozzles that can modify both the velocity/intensity of the water and, of course, the direction of the water flow. Using these different types of nozzles allow our handyman to reach areas in the property that regular water hose cannot or apply more power to an annoying junk to clean the surface. Though, more power may be dangerous. Therefore, the nozzles used by Modesto Handyman Co are color coded to easily identify the power of the nozzle. Red nozzles covers the least area at 0° while the black nozzles covers the widest range at 65°. Again, these pressure washers that our handyman need to used with great care, especially when handling the red nozzle as it can not only cause harm to surfaces, but may also harm the user. Luckily, our responsible and well trained handyman have been amazing at handling the pressure washer.

If you and your family are in need of a clean home, whether it be your sidewalks, driveways, patios, decks, parking lots, or anywhere in your house that needs serious washing, do not hesitate to reach out! Our excellent team of handyman here at Modesto Handyman Co will guarantee that we will leave your house looking aesthetically pleasing.

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