Toilet Repair and Installation

Modesto Toilet Fixing & Installation

Our team of talented handymen will handle any types of toilet fixes and installations. We know not everyone has the exact same toilets. Modern day toilets are often created with ceramic or porcelain, but sometimes can be manufactured through concrete, plastic, and even wood. Technology that is implemented in current day toilets can vary. If your toilets implement newer toilet technologies that include dual or low flushing toilets, or a Japanese-style toilet seat warming and self-cleaning toilets, we can help to fix and install them.

To get a good understanding of your toilet issues, knowing how toilets work will help you greatly. The average toilet that is in almost every household essentially uses gravity and a phenomenon known as siphon effect. Water is stored halfway through the tank and the toilet bowl. When someone pulls the toilet handle, the flapper that is located in the tank lifts up, and water from the tank flows into the bowl. When this occurs, the water pressure from the tank forces the contents inside of the bowl to flow out and into the drain. Afterwards, clean water from the water supply comes through to the tank until it reaches a certain point. If you are experiencing problems with your toilet such as toilet overflowing, working handle but no flush, running water in the tank, partially filling up the toilet tank, or pooling water on the base of the toilet, you may have issues concerning the flapper, tank, or another pipe issue. 

Types of Toilet Issues

Toilets can have different mechanics involved. The usual toilet uses a fixed, transparent porcelain bowl that connects to a drain. When the bowl is emptied and cleaned after each use through a flush of water, that  flows from a tank called cistern. Most household have  the cistern mechanic implemented in their toilet. However, some households may have other types of flush mechanics. Another flush method that your house toilet may have implemented is a flush valve controlled high-pressure water pipe. These methods are connected to the water supply directly and are flushed through a simple flush wave. 

If you do not have any technical issues with your toilet as mentioned above but instead, have a leak, crack, loose toilet, or just looking to replace your old toilet with a new one, we will gladly help you out to get a new toilet replaced and installed for you. Our handyman will gladly remove your old toilet and make sure it is properly replaced with a new model or your preferred choice. Our talented team will hook up the new toilet into your existing plumbing system so that your new toilet will be useable right away! 

Fixing your own toilet is not an easy thing to do. Installing your new toilet and connecting it to your plumbing system could sound impossible without any experience or knowledge. That’s why we are here to help in the Modesto area. No matter what type of toilet you may have or what kind of issues your toilet might be running into, Modesto Handyman Co will do whatever it takes to get your toilets fixed up or install a new toilet if needed. Our professional team with years of experience will make sure your toilet repair and installation process goes smooth, easy and affordable. Do not hesitate to reach out to get your service!

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